Teens are Amazing! Write them a letter.

My oldest son is 16…SIXTEEN! I can’t even believe it! I am totally shocked at how busy his life has become.

Every school morning my 16 year old is up at 5 am to get ready for early morning youth scripture study, then he heads straight to school.  After school he has either band practice or theatre practice.


Then on Friday nights he plays bass drum in the marching band for the High School Football.  If you have or have had a child in the marching  band you will know that it takes a lot out of the kids to march for hours practicing and then during the game.  My son plays the bass drum….honestly, it’s almost as big as he is.  🙂


Hauling around a 40 pound drum calls for some serious strength.  The kid needs to eat often and is always hungry! While he gets 3 large meals a day he loves his snacks. Snacks are a great way to get some much needed extra calcium.

I was so excited the last time I was at Walmart I found the new Yoplait Go Big pouch.  Go Big contains the right amount of yogurt to satisfy my teen’s growing hunger.


Teens get a bad rap for being unkind, disrespectful, and unintelligent. There was a time I really dreaded my kids to become teens.  I have to say I love the teen years! I’m sure there are some teens {just like some adults} that need a attitude adjustment, but the majority of the teens I know are just plain awesome.

I have a lot of respect for my son and the adult he is becoming.  I decided I wanted to take on the Go Big challenge and write my teen a letter telling him just what I think of him.

I bet your teen is amazing too. Why not let Go Big spotlight that amazingness? For a chance to win the spotlight for your teen, go to the Go Big Facebook page and share how your teen inspires you. Go Big will select three teens with amazing stories and give them a platform to show the world! For more information, full contest rules can be found on the Go Big Facebook Page


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  1. Kadie I loved this post. You are so right we need to put in on paper so our children and family will always have it to keep and hold dear to them. Sometimes I think that we think that we don’t have to tell them because they should already know because of all we do for them. I’m so proud of you and the example you are to all of us especially our family. You are so right Porter is a Great young man love you all

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