Wheels on the Bus Lunch

Have you seen all the super fun kids lunches floating around blogland?  There are tons of them.  Two of my favorite blogs that have great ideas for fun lunches are Rindy Mae, Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons, I even have an entire pin board dedicated to fun lunches.

Have I ever made any?  NO! Well I guess it was time to change that.

My two littlest ones are the only ones home for lunch these days and they are both IN LOVE with the school bus the older kiddos ride.  For our first lunch  I thought it would be fitting to have a bus theme.

I was pretty excited when my 3 year old looked at it and said “Oh wow we get to eat a bus”!  It made me feel pretty good that he could tell what I was trying to do.  The bus is made out of tortilla shell, the widows are cheese, wheels are grapes, headlights and steering wheel are fruit loops, and the road is raisins.

We sang “The Wheels on the Bus” while eating the different parts off the bus.
We also read a few of the books we have on buses and transportation around the house.  The next time we go to the library I think we will check out “Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” we love Mo Willems books.

The kids thought it was great fun!  I’m really happy I finally got around to doing something like this for them.  I think we will have to do more soon.

What about you, what do you do to make lunch more fun?


  1. This is so much fun! I definitely want to try this for my little one at lunch today 🙂 Thanks, Kadie!

  2. how cute!

  3. And the looks on their faces was totally worth the extra time, right?!

    I was just sitting on the couch thinking, crud, I need to come up with our Fun Food Friday lunch for tomorrow. The Kid actually asked to eat the school lunch, which makes my life SO much easier. Trying to pack a fun lunch is tough. But I still need to come up with something for The Girl at home. My Kid Lunch Pinterest board is loaded too. I need to head over and get inspired.

    Super cute. Glad you jumped on the fun food bus. Hahahahahahaha. I crack myself up.

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