Watercolor Paper-towel Butterflies

These paper towel butterflies are a great after school art project.  The kids had a great time making them.  They are easy enough for little hands or you can make them a little more difficult for the older kiddos.

We’ll show you how easy they are to make.


We made our butterflies two ways.  First I got a paper towel for the little kids and just let them paint it any way they wanted with watercolors.


We only have one set of watercolors so some of the kids had to wait patiently…..or not so patiently as the case may be.

Watercolor fun. Watercolor Papertowel butterflies

After the younger kids were done we sprayed their paper towel with water to make the watercolors spread more.  You have to get them really wet for the colors to spread.  Then we left them to dry and got to work with the bigger kids.


For the older kids we folded their paper towel in half, then in half again, then in half again.  They used a small sponge brush, and “painted” the watercolor just in the corners of the towel.  Make sure that it really soaks into every layer of the towel.


Unfold the paper towels and let them dry.  I’m sure you are all much more patient than I am, but I’ll just say a blow dryer works really well to get these dry quickly. Ya know, in case you are in a hurry.

After they are all dry, fold the paper towel in the middle accordion style. Use a pipe cleaner to make the body of the butterfly and curl the antenna.

Watercolor-Paper-Towel-Butterflies 2

There you have it a fun easy after school craft. 🙂

Keep Creating!


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