Taking strips off Mobile Home walls Without Damage.

Work on the double wide remix is going well {or as JoePaul says it’s the Double Wide 2.0, lol}.  We have been laying a little bit of flooring, pulling down strips, ripping out carpet, and taking  out the last of the yucky linoleum tile.  I wish we were a little further along {I’m getting impatient already} but I’m pleased we have made some progress.

So today I’m going to show you how to pull the strips on the wall of a trailer without damaging your walls.  If you don’t have a trailer you can use the same method to pull out trim or base boards in a site built home.

I have been a little surprised at how little information, is online about renovating a trailer home.  From the lovely comments that have been left, “fixing up” a trailer isn’t a new idea.  Many of you talk about family members {or yourself} that have made over trailers. Yet, finding helpful information about how to go about it has been limited.   So I thought I would share what has worked for us, I’m not claiming to be a professional, just sharing our process. 🙂

First the tools…..you will need a hammer, a small crowbar, a utility knife {not pictured}, small pliers, and glitter finger nails.  Okay you don’t have to have the glitter nails but hey, they’re fun so why not. 😉

How to pull the strips off a Mobile Home wall without damage.

The biggest problem with the walls in a mobile home is that they are flimsy and weak.  Pretty much the only thing separating you from the outside world is the outside of your home, a little insulation, and some thin dry wall.  At least that’s the way it is in my home.

The strips are to cover the seam between two pieces of dry wall.  When you paint the wall you really are just painting the paper on the dry wall.  Meaning when you go to pull the strips off the wall, you will start to pull the paper off the dry wall, causing damage to your dry wall.  We don’t want the extra work of repairing the dry wall, so it is important to pull off the strips with as little damage as possible.

I love the saying on this wall, because it is in vinyl that can’t be removed and reused I want to try to save this space. {I have a special project I’m planning for it later.}  So it becomes extra important not only to not damage the dry wall, but not to damage the paint as well.

Removing strips from a trailer wall.

The first thing to do is to score with a utility knife the entire length of the strip. Make sure you are in-between the wall and the strip.

Score along the strip to save the surface of the wall.

If you miss a space it the paint and paper, from the dry wall will start to pull away, like this.

How to pull strips off a trailer wall without damaging the wall.

If that happens go back and re-score that spot.

After you have everything scored well, take your small crow bar and wedge it behind the strip with the hammer.

How to remove strips from a trailer wall.


After you get under the strip you should be able to pull it off with your hands the rest of the way.  Go slowly so you can see if you are pulling the paint or paper off.  After you have the strip off, pull out any loose nails/staples or hammer the nails back into the stud if they wont come out.

Now you are ready for your new wall treatment.  What do you think you would do with your walls?

Keep Creating!

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  1. My mom recently did this at her house. It was a task, but she likes the new look.

    • What did she put up after the she took the strips down Melanie? I have heard of people calking them or putting something over the entire wall like beadboard. It is a task for sure. 🙂

  2. Kadie, you are a DIY champion now! I can’t wait to see all your renovations! 😀

  3. Andi Scheib says:

    My husband and I are in the process of doing this and we are taping//floating the seams and texturing the walls before painting them.

    • We have thought of doing that too Andi…..are you going to DIY it? Or hire out? Texturing walls seems above my DIY abilities….:)


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