S’mores Bouquet Father’s Day Gift

I love Father’s Day! It’s a great day to celebrate the men in our lives.  My husband does a lot for our family and is always a big help to me with our kiddos.  This year I wanted to make him something instead of spending a bunch of money on something he wont use often.  So I racked my brain for something we all enjoy doing together.  S’mores were the answer! Many of our happiest moments are sitting around the fire pit roasting marshmallows, or listening to the kids playing while JoePaul {hubby} and I sit and chat around the fire.

So I thought a S’mores Bouquet Father’s Day Gift would be perfect for him.

S'mores Bouquet Father's Day Gift

To make the S’mores Bouquet you will need:

  • 4 boxes of graham crackers
  • 1 bag of marshmallows
  • wooden dowels
  • craft foam
  • different types of chocolate bars {I used fun sized candy bars but you could use full size if you like}
  • hot glue gun
  • jute twine

S'mores Bouquet Supplies

It’s easy to put this all together.  Start by cutting the foam to the size needed to fit into your boxes.  Then use your hotglue gun to glue the boxes of crackers to the foam.

Glue Boxes together

Then use your hot glue gun to glue the dowels on the back of the candy bars.

Glue Candy Bars

Then put the bag of marshmallows into the center of the boxes you glued together.

Marshmellows inside

Then push the end of the dowels into the craft foam, around the bag of marshmallows.  Finish off by tying jute twine around the entire s’mores bouquet and into a bow.

There you have a S’mores Bouquet Father’s Day Gift in less than 15 minutes for the great father in your life that loves to sit around the camp fire.

S'mores Bouquet

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