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Clothes Pin Letters

Summer is coming, FAST! I can’t wait.  I love when the kiddos are out for the summer.  I know it sounds a little funny but I really love just being home together as a family.  No where to go, no real schedule. JUST. US. Now don’t get me wrong, the first week everyone is home […]

Have a Hoppy Day

I’m only a week late. That’s okay, right?  Shortly before Easter I received a package from a friend of mine.  I made her some little girl ruffle slippers and she made me a knit bunny like this one. Isn’t it adorable! You can find her other creations here. I decided to give it to little […]

Spring Pasta Salad

This is one of my favorite salads to make. It is so easy and pretty to look at.  I often take it to church functions or potluck dinners.  I always get asked for the recipe.  So I thought I would share it with all of you so you can look like rock stars the next […]

Little Girls Sweater Dress ~ Up-cycle

One of the things on my “To Do List” for 2012 is to do more up-cycles.  I thought I was time to uncover and dust off my sewing machine to get started.  About a month ago my MIL gave me two huge garbage sacks full of old clothing.  There were several sweaters among the clothes.  […]

Pretty Paper Heart Chain

All the kiddos were home from school yesterday.  So, to keep them all busy for a while we made paper heart chains.  I am not a hearts-all-over-the-place kind of gal, usually.  But these are so cute and they add such a fun pop of color that I am totally fine with them hanging around the […]

Chunky Crochet Lacy Scarf

 I love to make scarves!  So when I opened up an e-mail from Lion Brand about some new patterns, I was really excited to see the pattern for this scarf.  The Crochet Lacy Scarf. Thank Heavens it came when it did.  I had totally spaced my SIL’s birthday, and that I had promised her a […]

Christmas Stocking Hat Pattern Reveiw

I think that my love of yarn and crocheting may have turned into a obsession.  I have been crocheting up a storm the last two weeks.  I have mostly been making hats.  So, when Ashley from Cherished Bliss announced, on her facebook page, that she needed testers for a new stocking hat pattern I jumped […]

Up-cycled Lamp with Yarn

I get so excited when family gives me something that they think I can up-cycle.  It saves me from having to go thrifting, and pushes me to redo things I wouldn’t think of like here. This one was given to me when my sister in law was moving. Obviously, it is a Winny the Pooh […]

Can you ever have to many BAGS?!


I finally finished my first crocheting project in a very long time.  I learned to crochet from my mom when I was a kid. I haven’t made anything besides trim around baby blankets since high school.  However because it has been so hot it was easier to crochet something than try to refinish the furniture […]

Practice, Practice and the Best Carrot Cake Ever!


Little Lotte Lou’s 1st birthday is coming up this month.  1st birthday’s are always so exciting!  This time there is a little sadness mixed in the excitement.  Lotte is our last baby.  My last baby, and she’s not a baby any more.  She’s trying to walk and saying words.  I could go on and on […]