Rosemary Infused Olive Oil

I love creating things with what I can find outside.  I don’t blog about it much but I adore working outside, gardening, and now raising our chickens.  If you have been following along on instagram I’m sure you have seen the progress we have made on our chicken coop and the cute new chicks we have.

Crafting with Nature is something I really enjoy so when my friend wrote a book about crafting with nature I was very excited to get my hands on it.  Because she is totally awesome she sent me a book to look over, and I have to say it’s awesome!

CoverI have a HUGE rosemary plant in my front yard.  So when I saw the rosemary infuse oil in the Crafting with Nature book I knew what I wanted to make.  I love the taste and smell of rosemary, my family however doesn’t love the texture of rosemary in their food.  Infused oil is the how you can get the taste and smell of the oil without the pine needle texture.

And it’s so simple! Pick some fresh rosemary from your yard, of course if you don’t have your own rosemary plant you can buy some fresh from the store.  If you wash your rosemary first, or if it comes from the store make sure you let it dry really well before you use it.  If there is any water on the rosemary leaves the oil wont be able to pull the oils out.

Next get a clean glass bottle with a tight fitting lid. Put some rosemary sprigs into your bottle.

Rosemary infused oil

Pour your favorite olive oil over top of the rosemary.

Pour Oilve Oil

Rosemary Infused Olive Oil

Let this sit for 1 to 2 weeks until the flavor of the rosemary has infused with the oil.  Because my bottle is taller, and I don’t want to make so much oil that I can’t use it all, I’m storing my bottle on its side.

Rosemary infused oil 1


Keep tasting the oil while it is infusing to make sure it doesn’t get to strong for your taste.

Some tips Amy shares in her book are:

  • Remove the rosemary after the 1 to 2 week infusion time.  This way it wont get moldy and ruin your oil.
  • After infusion store your oil in the fridge to make it last longer.
  • Use a very tight lid to keep your oil fresh.
  • If you happen to make to much….give it away as a gift!

I’m so excited to try our oil! It cost me nothing to infuse my oil as I had all the supplies on hand.  Right now I’m drying some rosemary to make Rosemary Infuse Salt next.

If you are looking for some really creative ways to use nature in your crafting {or just daily life} I really would encourage you to pick up Amy’s book Crafting with Nature, sold where ever books are sold.


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  1. WOW, this looks absolutely delicious…I LOVE rosemary! How lucky you are to have a huge rosemary plant in your yard!

    • I love that the plant has gotten so big! I started it in a pot and had to transplant it into the ground because it just kept growing. lol

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