Ready, Set…, Read #3

The begining of a new month means it’s time for another Ready, Set…, Read  Party.  This is the monthly link party where Jen of Jessie Street Designs and I get to see what you have been reading for the last month.


For the month of August I said I would read the final book of the Daisy Chain Trilogy,  Life in Defiance.

Life in Defiance: A Novel (Defiance Texas Trilogy)

Last month I said I was a little disappointed in the way the 2nd book ended.  While I am happy with the way this book ended, she really did tie up everything nicely, I don’t think there needed to be 3 books.  The first book starts with a young girl “Daisy” getting killed.  Through the first, second and most of the third you are trying to figure out “who done it”.  You follow the mother of the girl and her best friend as they try to figure it out and straighten their lives out.  It’s an interesting take on a mystery and there is A LOT of religond involved.  They were an okay read but not something I would read again.

This month I am going with something compleatly different.

Speaking to us with the wisdom of age and in a voice at once haunting and startlingly immediate, Nitta Sayuri tells the story of her life as a geisha. It begins in a poor fishing village in 1929, when, as a nine-year-old girl with unusual blue-gray eyes, she is taken from her home and sold into slavery to a renowned geisha house. We witness her transformation as she learns the rigorous arts of the geisha: dance and music; wearing kimono, elaborate makeup, and hair; pouring sake to reveal just a touch of inner wrist; competing with a jealous rival for men’s solicitude and the money that goes with it. 

I know I watched the movie Memoirs of a Geisha a long time ago but for some reason I can’t remember much about it.  And from what I have heard, the book is much better than the movie anyway.  {aren’t they always!}  So there it is, what I read this month and what I plan to read next month.  

Now we want to see what you have been reading!  Did you make a craft inspired by a book?  Or just want to tell what you have been reading?  We would love to see it all.  You don’t even have to have a blog to link up.  You can post to your face book page and link that to the party.  

  1. No spoilers!!
  2. Please keep it family friendly.
  3. Please link back to this party somewhere.
  4. Follow us if you like.


  1. Oooh … I really liked Memoirs of a Geisha. Enjoy!

  2. LOVED Memoirs of a Geisha! Can’t wait to hear what you thought about it!

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Ready, Set,…… Read!

What happens when you are spread just a little to thin?  You accidentally confuse two awesome bloggers, both with the same first name.    That’s right, I’ll admit it, I messed up.  (don’t tell my husband I have him convinced I am always right)  So If you read this post early Friday morning you may have seen that I was co-hosting with Sunny Vanilla.  I am in fact hosting with Jessie Street Design.  Both have awesome blogs that you should totally check out.  I am truly so sorry for any confusion or inconvenience I caused anyone.

However, I am very excited to announce that I will be co-hosting a monthly reading link party with 

Here’s how it’s going to work. (We think).  On the first of each month we each write a post telling you about a book that we are planning to read that month {or are currently reading}.

 You are welcome to read the book we are reading or you can pick another book.
On the last Monday of the month we will have a link party so you can link up something about the book you read or are reading that month. 
 Did you make a craft related to the book you are reading? Link It Up.
Do you want to write a full review about your book?  Link It Up.
Did you mention you were reading a book and you don’t like it at all, in a post?
That’s right,… Link It Up.
We will even be having a small giveaway, all you have to do to enter is link up to the party. 
I think it will be a lot of fun to see what all of you are reading.  I love books and enjoy talking about them with others who love to read.
This month I will be reading:
Mistress of the Art of Death


It is a historical fiction novel. And has been on my to read list for ever!  I can’t wait to get started.
I hope you will join us for the link party at the end of the month.  Feel free to grab a button so you can remember.


Thanks for stoppin’ by and hangin’ out.


  1. Woohoo. This sounds great. I can’t wait. I believe my library has that book so I might just be a copycat.

  2. Cool series!

  3. Super cool idea, Kadie- maybe I’ll get a book read for the first time since forever! And oh my goodness! Your maxi dress turned out AWESOME!! I’ll be off to click your link above to vote! And your short hair is cute as cute! Been way to long since I checked in to say hello- hope you are as happy as you deserve! 🙂

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