Princess and Drum Birthday Cakes

November is one of the craziest months here at the Double Wide.  With all the birthdays and the holidays I feel like I RUN all month long.  Last weekend was when all the birthdays hit, my second oldest turned 8 and had her baptism.   So, while things have been busy they have been so great! I made this photo of her to remember all her favorites.

 If you have read here for a while you probably know that I like to make my kids birthday cakes myself.  I’m sure you are also aware that I am not a cake decorator!  I know the cakes I come up with aren’t perfect but they are fun and my kids seem to really appreciate the effort that goes into making them.  
So this year we had two birthdays in one weekend.  That’s a lot of cake!
Abbigale wanted a princess party this year so it had to come with a princess cake.

This one is easy enough to make all you do is bake the cake in a round metal bowl {the size you want the dress to be}.  Then turn the cake upside down, cover the legs of a doll {Barbie}with plastic wrap and insert her legs into the cake.  Frost the cake like a dress and your done.

My oldest’s birthday was the same weekend this year.  He is 13 now, it’s true I have a full blown teenager!  I’m not sure how I feel about it, but it’s true none the less.

He plays drums in the school band, and LOVES it.

So it made sense to try to make him a drum cake.  Pretty easy since drums are round.

I had to make sure I wrote “Pearl” on the side of the cake just like a real drum.

What made this cake special was, the real drum sticks I bought and put with the cake.  These are the “cool” sticks he has been wanting for a while.  We had already opened all the gifts so he wasn’t expecting another gift.  You should have seen his face when he realized the sticks were real!

Not perfect but good enough.  So what is the last cake you made?

Thanks for stoppin’ by and hangin’ out.


  1. Oh wow, love the drumsticks idea. He must have been so surprised and then so thrilled. Nice cakes!

  2. Mindy Northrop says:

    So awesome. I bet the drumsticks made his day.
    The princess cake is the one I avoided by doing the cupcakes and rice krispies treat cake. I’m not showin’ her yours. :o)
    December is the birthday overload in my family. It’s like a flippin’ whirlwind. I’m attempting to get as much done this week as possible.

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