Who I am….. a poem.

I’m sure I have said here before how much I adore my sister.  She is who I want to be when I grow up.  I look to her and my mom as my “mothering-role models”.

Of course her children are AMAZING people, people I would happily do just about anything for.  So when her oldest needed a public space she could publish a poem about herself, I was happy to help.

Actually, I’m pretty please that I have a space where I feel comfortable sharing this, and that she felt comfortable asking.  I know that you all are such kind loving people, you will shower her with praise. 🙂

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Who I Am

By: McKinlay O.

I am unique
I know
I dream
I love

I know crying helps you feel better
I know belting out songs at the top of your lungs, is healthy
I know listening is the greatest quality
I know dancing hard is rejuvenating
I know that YOU make your name meaningful
I know baby clothes and shoes are to die for
I know what people think of me doesn’t matter
I know that I am loved

I dream that I’ll travel the world
I dream that someday I’ll get my perfect kiss
I dream that one day I’ll own horses
I dream that I’ll live in an adorable cottage
I dream that one day I’ll be a momma
I dream that someday I’ll wear a vintage bikini

I love sunshine showers
I love twirling in a flowy skirt on warm beautiful days
I love long hugs
I love playing in the rain
I love bread, and all food
I love getting carried away in a good book
I love gentleman who dress nice
I love all things vintage
I love who I am
Why? Because…
I am unique

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Yep, like I said AMAZING!  I love her to pieces. Thank you McKinlay. 🙂

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  1. Thank you sis! It’s perfect and I cried from the very first word, I love you too. Her poem is so clever, cute, sweet and perfectly her, huh?

  2. What a great poem! I hope all those dreams come true for you!

  3. Adrianne says:

    Unique indeed. This is lovely.

  4. Oh my goodness, I love this! REMEMBER that what people think doesn’t matter… and do the vintage bikini thing immediately 🙂 YOU are obviously an amazing person, McKinley! Wishing you happiness always 🙂

  5. OMG that poem is absolutely breathtaking. These words are not just a teenager’s but a strong an confident teenager. McKinley, you are a true artist and definitely have a future in writing! 😀

  6. Beautifully written McKinlay! I hope all those dreams come true 🙂

  7. What a powerful yet wistful piece. Love it.

  8. Baby clothes and shoes are two of my favorite things to shop for 🙂 You are a very talented writer and you have great taste too!

  9. What a lovely poem!

  10. thank you for sharing this beautiful poem with us! I can just tell you have great things ahead of you!

  11. What a fantastic poem! Makes me want to write my own poem.

  12. Such a beautiful poem!

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