Make an easy Valentines Day pillow case, with stencils and fabric paint. No sew ruffles finish off the pillow.

Ombre Stenciled Bleeding Heart Pillow

Thank you I Love To to providing the Tulip products for today’s craft, and for the fun project!

I was so excited when I was asked to participate in the Valentines Day Mystery box from I Love To Getting a box full of crafty goodness, and figuring out a project from the contents…… it’s what I LOVE to do. 🙂

In my box I got a pillow cover, fabric paint, stencils, pre-made ruffles, fabric glue, adhesive spray, paint roller.

I got busy making a fun pillow for my daughter.

Ombre Stenciled Bleeding Heart Pillow

Making a stenciled pillow case is easy with the tulip.  To start you insert a piece of cardboard into the pillow case, to make sure there is no paint bleed through.  Then spray a light coat of spray adhesive on the back of the stencil you are going to use.  These adhesive is awesome, truly you only need a very light coat.

Stencil Adhesive

Then take two  colors of fabric paint, I used tomato and bright pink.  Use the darker color first then the lighter color.  Paint the top half first then the bottom half, then paint the middle to blend the two colors.

Paint Roller

Then carefully peel off the stencil, be really gentle with the thin parts of the stencil.

Peel off Stencil

After the paint dries, you can glue on the pre-made ruffle with fabric glue.


Run a bead of fabric glue down the seam of the side of the pillow case and press ruffle into the glue.  Hold it for a couple of minutes, it dries really quickly .



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Valentine Mystery Box Challenge

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