My thumbs may be turning GREEN

Lets take a moment and smell the flowers together.

This is the first year, out of 4, that I have really taken the time to try to grow some pretty flowers in the front of the house.

They are quite lovely!  They make me smile every time I drive up to the house.

My begonias are looking good.

The roses are about to bloom again.

This is what they looked like last time they bloomed.

The rosemary is beautiful. (yes, I had just finish watering everything.)

The peas are coming on finally! The beans too. The shot of those didn’t turn out.

The corn should be on soon.

The very few blueberry’s we have are ripening.

The blackberry’s too.

My gardening buddy is pointing out the beans. They are his favorite because of the big green leaves.

Yesterday, when we were finally able to pick a few beans, Oak ate one and spit it back out.  Saying that is NOT yummy!  So then I gave him some peas and after chowing down on 4 pods.  He declared now these are yummy!!

Our favorite part of making our thumbs green is cooling down after.

Thanks for smelling the flowers with us and taking a tour of the garden.


  1. Good job! the flowers are pretty 🙂 I need to get green fingers myself and plant some more herbs and also some veggies! I’ll be watching you for tips 😉 x

  2. Anonymous says:

    YOur flowers are beautiful…I’m starting mine today. Hopefully can finish this weekend although it’s supposed to rain on monday. Great about your garden…I bet you’ll get more fruit each year. I love that you can grow blueberries…delish. jeni

  3. Well Mrs.C I am not sure that I have any tips for you. If I think of some I will let you know! 🙂

  4. Your garden looks divine. I just barely got mine in due to the weather and the lack of a garden. Go figure. Following you back!


  5. Amy@mad.amyt says:

    wow! blackberries are one of my favourite fruits, but i cant grow them here!

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