Mod Podge Fridge Magnet

It’s pretty well documented (on the blog) how much I LOVE mod podge!  It’s amazing stuff.  So, when I got a big box of Plaid products yesterday to play with I was ecstatic !

I think the poor Fed Ex man may have been a little frightened of the crazy woman who didn’t even wait for him to make it all the way up to the door before throwing it open.  I’m pretty certain the two small children clamoring all over her and each other to see if our “fun glue stuff” was here didn’t help.  Aww the stories he’ll have to tell….

Any way I was so excited we ripped open the box and got started on some crafting!  I wanted to do something easy enough Wyatt could do most of it (with help).

So we started with one of the Mod Podgeable shapes they sent.

 Cut out some small pieces of fun paper.

“Paint” on some modge podge.  I just LOVE seeing little hands crafting.  Can I get an awww?!

Place your paper on the shape in the mod podge.  This is were things get the most messy and little hands need lots of help.  So no photos.  We “painted” sparkle mod podge on after everything had dried.  After the sparkle mod podge dried we picked out a rub on transfer.

Wyatt wanted to give this to daddy so we used the transfer that said #1 Dad.

I found an old magnet and using a little E-6000 glued it on the back of the shape.

That’s it, a fun easy craft small hands can help with  can make.  It would make a fun Father’s Day gift or, an any day gift.

We’ll have much more mod podge fun coming up!  So stay tuned for that.
Thanks for stoppin’ in an hanin’ out.


  1. Awwww so cute! I love me some modge podge!

  2. You absolutely can get an AWWWWW. Cute project. I bet ‘dad’ was thrilled.

  3. Definitely and awww on the cute, little crafting hands! ~ Maureen

  4. So SO SO cute! I am Patiently waiting for the Fed Ex man… Ok not so patiently!


  5. Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects says:

    Awwww indeed. Super cute. 😀

  6. Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm says:

    Love it! Cute for just about any holiday!

  7. Super-cuteness! Yay for little crafters!!

  8. What a clever idea, Kadie! I love that the little ones can almost do it all themselves. Pinning.

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