Jumbo Pom-pom Tail Bunny

Easter is only a couple of weeks away! I guess it’s time to start decorating the house with some Easter decor.  I don’t do much….but this is so easy that it’s perfect.

Bunny with Jumbo Pom-pom Tail

First paint with Simplicity chalk paint from Country Chic paint. Then lightly sand the sides of the rabbit.

Then make a jumbo sized pom-pom.  There are a few ways to do this, you can use a pom-pom maker or you can use your hand.  I prefer to use my hand, it just seems to work better for me. However if you have a pom-pom maker you love feel free to use it.  I’m going to show you how I make mine.

Wrap the yarn around your palm using different colors.

How to make a jumbo pom-pom

Keep wrapping and wrapping…..and wrapping. It is going to take way more yarn than you think it will, so you are going to be wrapping for a while. 😉 Make sure you don’t wrap to tight {you want it to slide easily off your hand}.

Then tie a knot around all the layers, and slide it off your hand.

Making a Jumbo pom-pom

On the opposite side of your knot, cut through all the layers of yarn.


Trim and shape your pom-pom,  make sure you do this over a trash can.

After you get the shape you want, grab a hair brush. Yep, a hair brush!  Brush our your pom-pom till is is fluffy and cute.

Brush pom-pom

Hot glue it to the bunny cut out and add some bakers twine to hand from a door handle or use on the outside of a door.

Jumbo Pom-pom Tail Bunny


So easy and cute! I got my bunny cut out from Pick Your Plum, but you could easily find a cut out from a craft store.

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  1. This door hanger is so cute….I absolutely love the multi colored tail!

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