I’ve Fallen,

In love that is.  Yes, it has happened again.
Should it have happened, probably not.
Do I have time for it, most defiantly not!
And yet, here I am confessing to you all of you that I have fallen in love with……., yet another craft.  I know, I know I can hear the gasps from here.
I try to be pretty good and not really add to my already overflowing plate but there are times that things just look so fun and interesting. I just can’t help it.
Also, I may have crafting ADD.  I get bored easily.
That’s why I like to make small crocheted items.  And why I choose to make a colorful ripple afghan instead of a solid color afghan.  I need the change.
It all started simply enough.  I bought some of the little flowers from pick your plum.  You know the ones I used to embellish the jumbo paperclip bookmarks.  Well I had a bunch of them left over and I didn’t know what to do with them.
Enter Whoopdwhoop (shameless plug: go enter the whoopdwhoop giveaway) I thought what a great way to get rid swap some of these things.

So I made some earrings. Easy peasy little things.

And some hair pins.

All pretty harmless.  I didn’t buy anything extra to make these.  I had it all on hand.  So it was a good thing,  right?  I was stash busting.
Then I had a few flowers that were to big to put on earrings or hairpins.  What was I going to do with those?
I HAD to use them.
And that’s when it happened, these would make a great necklace, I thought.
So……. I bought all the things I would need to make a necklace.  Then I thought a little charm would go so pretty with it so I got some charms.  Here’s what I ended up with.

Cute right.  That’s where it should have ended but noooooooo.  I have continued,  made earrings out of the charms.

Bought new cabochons, made more necklaces.

And then some ring blanks. (hanging my head in shame)

With more cabochons left waiting. They’ll get their turn soon.

They are all very easy compared to what some of the rest of you do.  You know who you are.  I have been having a little to much fun with it.  I even made something out of beads. 

Something that started out harmlessly has turned into a bit of a love affair. And I for one am pleased as punch about it.  Now I have to go do some crocheting.

Thanks for stoppin’ by and hangin’ out.

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  1. Eek! How cute! As soon as I saw this post, I had to go check ebay. Just my luck, they had an auction on ten for $1.29 ending in less than a minute, with free shipping! I had to snatch them up, and I won! Thanks so much for the inspiration! I suppose I can fall in love with yet another craft too. 🙂

  2. Oh Katie, these are beautiful. I love them all. The rings have pretty designs that go with the flowers so perfectly. Love the larger pendants with charms. I for one am happy about your new love. Enjoy!

  3. Oh Katie, these are beautiful. I love them all. The rings have pretty designs that go with the flowers so perfectly. Love the larger pendants with charms. I for one am happy about your new love. Enjoy!

  4. Oh my GOSH! Love them! I kept thinking I’d see a favorite and then I’d scroll down and see another favorite! lol I love them all, but I think the blue rose and leaf necklace might be my fave. Of course then there’s the birdie….

  5. Ahhhhh… I bought some flower cabochons on a whim and haven’t dived into them yet. I know what I’m doing tonight now, LOL. I love the pendants, they are gorgeous!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness!! These are adorable! I love everything! I especially like the necklaces . . . the blue with the leaf and the yellow with the bird. All sooooo cute! Great idea. Thanks!!


  7. wow! I love every piece! I’ve seen that deal on Pick YOur Plum, wanted it, but didn’t get it. After looking at all your beauties, I wish I had gotten that deal!

  8. That is great! I have actually gotten something from you on Whoopdwhoop! I love your necklaces, I just don’t have enough whoops. Now I have a new blog to follow:)

  9. Those are so pretty! You did a wonderful job!

  10. These are so cute!!! I love them – I might have to try making some….

  11. These are so cute!!! I love them – I might have to try making some….

  12. These look fabulous! Great job, Kadie…loving the new obsession. 🙂 My newest one is washi tape…
    I’d love for you to link this at Shine on Fridays if you haven’t yet. And if you have, YAY! Thanks!

  13. Those things are all so cute! A local bead shop sells some of those flowers, I’m tempted to buy a ton of them…and having seen your little projects, I’m now even more tempted!

  14. These are all so cute!! One thing about all of your projects- they aren’t hugely time consuming like furniture or something! 😛 Love the cardigan re-do you did too- makes me want to try it out with some winter shirts for the summer!

  15. Cute, cute, cute! I love the flower with the leaf necklace. Way to use up all those leftovers!

  16. I’m a total sucker for birds and flowers…so these babies are calling my name!

  17. Love, love, Love! Did I mention I love them???
    My fave is the turquoise necklace.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  18. These all look fabulous!! I”m featuring this today at Thursday’s Top Ten.


    Thanks for partying with us!!

  19. I love jewelry and spend too much money on it sometimes. I need to learn how to make some! Thanks for sharing at Toot Your Horn Tuesday 🙂

  20. I bought tons of these flower charms on ebay back in September and was looking for a use. I love your idea and they make beautiful jewelry. Thank you.

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