Holiday Peppa Pig {Fun Christmas Gifts}

 I received complementary Peppa Pig products in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It is no secret that we LOVE Peppa Pig around here.  You can see some of the fun we have already had with our Peppa Pig toys here and here.

What is a secret is that I’m giving Lotte, Wyatt, and their cousin some Peppa toys for Christmas this year.  Shhhh, don’t tell them. 😉

If you don’t know, Peppa Pig is a T.V. show about a little girl pig who lives with her Mommy, Daddy, and little brother George.  She has lots of adventures, likes to laugh, and jump in muddy puddles.  My kids love her and I don’t even mind watching the show when it comes on.  In fact I think I giggle at the show as much {or more} than the kids do.

Most of the toys the kids have gotten up til now were the stuffed Peppa Pig dolls.  They are so much fun and the they love to take them with them were ever they go.

{Apparently Lotte was still asleep in this photo. Just kidding she is in the middle of saying Peppa.}

This time we were sent the Peppa Peek and Play house, the Picnic Adventure Car, and George, Kathy Cat, and Peppa plushies.

Aren’t they all so cute?!   I think the plushies will make the perfect stocking stuffers.

And the car is so fun it talks and sings songs. Wyatt is going to LOVE ! It comes with a small Peppa Pig figure and a fun picnic basket.

Now the house is something that I would have loved to get as a kid!  It comes with small figures of Peppa and George.

And so many fun surprises!


When you are done playing you can close the house up, keeping all the pieces together.

Honestly I’m so excited for the kids to open these Christmas morning! I think they are going to be so excited!

What are you excited to give your kiddos for Christmas this year?

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