A Handmade Non-Breakable Christmas

I know, I know Thanksgiving is not over yet.  Abba reminds me every time she sees something Christmas related.  I am not usually one of those people that starts listening to Christmas music in October.  (however I could do without Halloween all together!) I really love Thanksgiving, all the food and family what’s not to love, right?

But, I had to get an early start on Christmas this year.  See last year our Christmas tree became a half decorated toy area for the youngest kiddos.  Wyatt learned pretty early that if you took the balls off the tree and threw them on the kitchen floor they would shatter.  A game he found quite enjoyable.  I however, did not.  I have decided this year to try to make some non-breakable Christmas tree ornaments.  Here are some of the things I am working on or will be trying to make in time for Christmas ~ via my pinterest boards.


Which, by the way if you are not on Pinterest, I have one word for you……. Why?

I know a few of these are crochet and that not all of you crochet.  All of these ornaments are on the easy side.  All of the patterns are free or have tutorials with them.

Bottlecap Snowmen



Minni Stockings



Crochet Candy Cane


Crochet Snowflakes

Source: Seven Alive



Dried Orange and Cinnamon



Button Wreath



Button Tree

These are breakable, but they are so cute and the kiddos can help me make them.

Santa Hand print




Thumbprint Christmas Tree


Source: google.hr  ~ this isn’t a tutorial but the idea is so cute.

Hand Print ornaments.

Here is a recipe to make air dry craft clay.
easycraftclay22RS12k (1)

I  will post things as I get them finished.  I have been doing several crafts however most of them are Christmas presents.  And those that will be receiving them are regulars here on the blog.  So I will not be showing them here. Maybe after Christmas.  Also the kiddos are out of school this week.  We are very busy just being together.  
So are you going to make any of your Christmas ornaments this year?  I would love to hear/see them if you are.
I have an entire board on pinterest devoted to non-breakable Christmas Decor.  You can check it out 


  1. These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yay! You’re back! Love the button ideas. Thanks for the inspiration~

  3. They are so cute. I think the santa handprints are so sweet, maybe we will do those. Although, we would have some big santas since minnie’s hands are bigger than mine. 🙂 jeni

  4. As you know, I have the same dilemma and need unbreakable ornaments as well (cats though, not kiddos). I love your choices. Good luck getting it all done in time to decorate. Can’t wait to see your versions.

  5. They are all so cute and look fun to make. Hope you get some made. What a cute tree you will have. Mom

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  7. My point of view partially coincided with yours. Thank you for trying. antidepressants

  8. Sweet Blog!!

    Thank you so much for showing my Santa handprints I create out of ceramics!!

    If you want it done out of ceramics come on by to my dprintsclayful shop on etsy.

    Thank you!!

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