Getting Creative with Fruit Shoots

This article is sponsored by Fruit Shoot, however all opinions expressed are my own.

I am constantly amazed at my kids imagination! I’m sure you have watched your kids turn something as mundane as a cardboard box into something extraordinary, just by using their imaginations.  I love feeding off their creative energy, it’s remarkable.

To the moon or bust

Being a family that loves backyard activities, and the fact that we live in an area that is hotter than the surface of the sun than what I would call comfortable. Hydration and fun drinks are a pretty big deal around here.  My kids love Robinson’s Fruit Shoot juice drinks.  I love that they don’t have any high fructose corn syrup in them, have a low sugar option, and have a no spill cap….because no matter how careful you are something is going to get tipped over.

The amazing people at Fruit Shoot were kind enough to send us a few bottles of  juice to try out.

Fruit Shoot

The vibrant fun colored bottles come in tasty flavors of Orange, Apple, Berry Burst and Strawberry/Raspberry.  Each of the kids has their favorite.  After they finish the bottle, don’t throw them out! Let them come up with a creative way to use those empty bottles.

Football season is about to start here, so to help our 7-year-old who will be playing flag football this fall,  football aiming practice was a great idea.  The kids came up with this {and many other ideas} for our entry in the “Have a Ball Stunt Hunt“competition.

The ‘Have a Ball Stunt Hunt‘ competition is a great demonstration of Fruit Shoot’s commitment to imaginative play and has a reward that is priceless. Here’s how it works:

1. Visit the contest homepage to upload a video of your kids showing off their best tricks, stunts, and super-cool abilities with a Fruit Shoot bottle and any ball. To qualify, please make sure your video is under 30 seconds.

2. Share your video with friends and family and encourage them to vote for your video.

3. Every week, we’ll chose a winning video, give it the full-on Hollywood special effects treatment, and release it on our contest homepage for the world to see!




What a fun way to get the kids to use their imaginations even more! I can’t wait to check out what everyone else comes up with.
Keep Creating!


  1. That video is so cute! These drinks look great. I don’t think that they are available in our area, though. 🙁

  2. So cute! 🙂 That is a great idea for the “Have a Ball Stunt”. And the juice? Good for you and no-spill – sounds like a winner!

  3. Okay – that video is adorable! I love the picture of your kiddos and the mountain of juice! They look so pumped!

    • hahahaha thanks Tara! They are pretty pumped about the juice. 🙂 We don’t get juice all the time so this was a HUGE treat for them.

  4. foodandcrafts says:

    such a fun idea – I have never heard of fruit shoot before.

  5. Such a fun idea! That mountain of juice is amazing.

  6. Woah, that’s a lot of juice! 🙂 Looks like your kids are having a blast.

  7. The video y’all created is great! I know your little fellas enjoyed playing and getting to enjoy some delicious juice drinks. 🙂

  8. THAT is adorable. We haven’t tried Fruit Shoots? I have to be honest, I would have looked right past them in that packaging, but with a low sugar option I am going to check them out. And that photo of the juice they sent cracks me right up!! I just love everything about this post!!

    • Awww thanks Adrianne! The kids had so much fun with this post! The love that they are the stars of their own video!

  9. Love the low sugar option – going to check it out!

  10. Aww… how fun are your kiddos- I sure love your yard! We have yet to try this juice and I know we’d love it! 🙂

  11. Kadie, your kids are super creative! I’ve never tried this juice but it’s now on my grocery list for next week!

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