Get Ready for Flu Season Seven Generation Giveaway

You know it’s coming, right?  FLU season is right around the corner.  It’s terrible with three kids in school we catch just about every bug that goes around.  We try to do what we can to keep them from spreading what ever disgusting germ they have picked up at school, to the rest of us.
I meet them at the door to tell them to wash their hands before they have a snack {or touch anything}.  Often I have them change their shirts, too.
While they are at school I like to wipe all the door knobs and sink handles with anti-bacterial wipes.
It’s a constant battle to keep the germs and sicknesses out of our house.  And Seventh Generation is here to help us all out.  You know how much I love their cleaning supplies. {you can read my review here}  They even show you how to make a Germ Monster out of your tissue box.

This time the wonderful people at Seventh Generation sent me a pre-flu care package.  Including, anti-bacterial wipes, tissues, hand soap, natural all purpose cleaner, and disinfecting multi-surface cleaner. These cleaners are wonderful!  You should see the inside of my microwave! The All Purpose Cleaner made cleaning it so easy.

 And you guessed it they are being kind enough to offer the same pre-flu package to one of you lucky readers!  Raffelcopter is going to walk you through the entries.  Sometimes it take a minute to load.

If you love Seventh Generation {like I do} here are a few other places you enter to win a similar package of cleaners.

{Friday-Friday 26th-02}
{Sunday-Saturday 29th-03}


  1. I would really like to try the Multi-Surface cleaner!

  2. I’d like to try the Botanical Disinfectants!

    p.s. where do you post your winners?

  3. I love Seventh Generation! I’d like to try their wood cleaner. ~ Andi T.

  4. OH, I would love to win some Laundry Soap super bad, thanks for the giveaway Kadie!


  5. I’m interested in trying their wood cleaner spray!

  6. the all purpose cleaner has been my favorite

  7. i would definitely want to try any of the household cleaners. I have never used any of them but have wanted to.

  8. We use the all-purpose cleaner and dish soap but would love to try their laundry detergent. Not exactly in our budget but hopefully someday!

  9. I’d like to try their facial cloths and bar soap.

  10. so many of their product would be great –
    dryer sheets (free and clear)
    rinse aid

  11. I’m interested in trying their wood cleaner spray!

  12. latanya t says:

    the hand wash

  13. I’m most interested in trying the Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner.

    flutterby2188 at yahoo dot com

  14. I would like to try the Free & Clear
    Automatic Dishwasher Pacs!

  15. the Laundry Soap–thanks

  16. love to try the Free & Clear Baby Wipes

    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  17. I’d like to try their organic cotton tampons.

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