Garden Fairy Terrarium

We had the opportunity to try out a new Terrarium Fairy Garden Kit (thank you so much for sending us one to play with Horizon Group USA).  All opinions, and kids experiences are 100% our own.

These new kits are so perfect for an evening project or even a quick weekend project.  Almost everything you need is included.

We did go to the store to buy some potting soil and a couple of plants to put in our terrarium. I also purchased some extra rocks to place in the bottom of the bowl so  that the water would drain away from the plants I used.

Everything else was in the box. This included:

  • glass bowl
  • small river rocks
  • fairy figurine
  • frog figurine
  • toadstools
  • bench
  • fairy dust/glitter
Because it was so easy to put everything together, the kids were able to do most of the work them selves.

The girls sat for quite a while, with their cousin, discussing what the fairy was doing in her garden and whether or not other fairies would come to visit.

They like to check on her every day to make sure she and the little frog that came in the kit are doing well. I keep finding that the little frog has moved around the bowl, he must be magical.

These kits will be sold exclusively at Walmart for a short time, starting the end of October through the holiday season. {They retail for $19.97}

There will be three different Fairy Garden kits.  

The Terrarium Fairy Garden Kit {as seen above}

The Fairy Tea Garden Kit

Which one do you think your kids would like?


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