FROZEN Disney Movie Party

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FROZEN is THE movie right now!   I’m guessing most of you have seen it, as it was released on DVD on the 18th.  Of course we had to rush to Walmart to pick up our FROZEN DVD for the special price of $14.96, and use our $5 off coupon from specialty marked Eggo Waffels. {Because if we have the chance to save a few bucks we take it!}

Because, the kids were so excited and it has been such a LONG winter, I thought a surprise #FROZENfun Movie Party would be in order.

#FROZENfun Movie Party

Do you think they are a little excited? Yep, me too.

Frozen Party #FROZENfun

After we looked at our toys and played for a minute, it was time for a #Collectivebias Walmart trip.

Buying #FROZENfun DVD

As you can tell we were all pretty excited about it! Someone even had to wear her Anna dress to the store.

#FROZENfun Movie at Walmart

Luckily the movie was easy to find on an end cap in the electronics department. There were even these very fun Olaf balloons to show us just were to go.

#FROZENfun DVD at Walmart

We had to check out the FROZEN toys too.  Even though we had some waiting for us at home. 😉

Looking at Toys #FROZENfun

While the selection of FROZEN toys is small they have to look every time we are at Walmart. It’s a good thing we did though because suddenly they had an Elsa doll that hadn’t been there last time. How could we pass her up?

#FROZENfun Shopping for Toys

As soon as we got home we put the movie on.

Our cousin, joined in the #FROZENfun too.  Each of the kids had to hold a toy and the girls sang EVERY. WORD. to every song.  It was so cute!

Watching #FROZENfun

After the movie more play time.

Playing Frozen #FROZENfun

Then it was time for snacks.

Making Snacks

We made Marshmallow “Olaf” Snowmen.

Olaf Marshmallows #FROZENfun

 We used extra-large camp fire marshmallows for the bottom, then cut one in half for the head. The middle “body” part is a regular sized marshmallow.  We used pretzels for the arms and black sugar pearls for the eyes, buttons, and smile. The hair and nose are ice cream jimmies.  White frosting holds it all together.

They are easy enough for small hands to put them together, and they are YUMMY.

#FROZENfun Olaf Marshmallows

These boys LOVE Olaf, he is so funny and always so very happy.   He makes us all giggle, and the boys keep us laughing by repeating some of his funniest lines.

Then we turned on the soundtrack and let the kids dance!

#FROZENfun Anna Dress fun

I don’t know about your house, but around here “Do you want to build a snowman?” is sung often.  Both of the girls know the entire song, and sing it to each other.   It has brought a tear to my eye more than once watching them sing together.

Elsa and Anna show what being sisters is all about.   It was very moving to me when Anna gave up everything to save her sister… an act of true love doesn’t have to be between a princess and her prince charming.  True love is found, more often, within a family.

#FROZENfun Elsa and Anna

Watching my girls grow up together makes me appreciate my own sister even more.  I tell my girls all the time they will only have one sister, they need to love her. Even if the sister does something they don’t understand. FROZEN is a perfect example of that type of unconditional love.

The morning after the party the girls worked together to make their beds, and made sure they each had Elsa and Anna together…. because “Sister have to stick together, mom.”  It truly made my day.

So, tell me who is your favorite character in FROZEN?

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  1. oh so sweet! Love you too 🙂

  2. Can you believe we still haven’t seen Frozen?! Love the first picture of the kids running through the streamers :o) They are so excited!!

    • Whaaaat?!? You really should see it. The boys love it as much a the girls do.:) They really were so excited for the party and movie.

  3. That is so fun. LC would love a Frozen party! We had to get it the day it came out too.

  4. That streamer pic is the best ever. Wish we all lived closer- we could have the ultimate FROZEN bash.

  5. Your party ideas are so fun!! We love the Frozen toys. They are adorable!!

  6. Those marshmallow Olafs are adorable! We are sooo into Frozen right now. “Let it gooo…. Let it GOOO!”

    I love that Anna dress, too. My Lila would flip for it!

    • I love your singing. haha! Oh the Anna dress…. she wears it everywhere right now. I think it’s so cute. 🙂

  7. What a fun party! Very rarely my boys want to be superheroes to go in public- I wish they did more of that honestly, it’s the cutest thing! 🙂 What awesome snowmen too!

  8. WOW what a fun party! You are one amazing mom! 🙂

  9. I loved reading this post so, so much. It looks like a fun time that your kid will remember for a long time. And I will have to remember the streamers for the next excitement-building event we have at our house, that’s adorable!

  10. Looks like so much fun! And, the Elsa doll is a great find! 🙂 #client

    • Thanks Sara! We had a blast and she sleeps with her Elsa every night. 🙂 It was a great find indeed!

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