Firecracker Hair Bow

Firecracker Headband for The Ribbon Retreat

My all-time-favorite holiday is the 4th of July.  It’s such an easy-going holiday full of family, fun, relaxing, and BBQ. :0)  Of course it’s always fun to have something new to wear for holidays.  This year I make these bows and headbands for my daughters and their cousin to wear on the 4th.  Don’t worry I’m going to show you how to make one too.

Materials :

Assorted grosgrain patriotic ribbon in 1 1/2inch width

Assorted Korker ribbon.

Headbands, fold-over elastic, or crocheted hat for wearing with bow

Hot glue gun


Hair clip 


First cut six strips of your grosgrain ribbon 1 1/2 inches long.  Fold over one end of the ribbon and cut a V shape in the end.

Fold the ribbon





Cut a V shape

Do this to all six strips. Then glue three together side-by-side.


Bottom Sides of Bow


Then glue these together. This creates the bottom of the bow.  Now cut 4 strips of one inch long strips, in the same ribbon or coordinating ribbon.


4th of July bow 02511

Then fold into a half loop, with the bottom corners touching. Glue the seam together.  Make four of these.

4th of July bow 02811


4th of July bow 030111

Glue them onto your base of ribbon, making a kind of box.

4th of July bow 037111

Now you are going to add your korker ribbon.  I cut my ribbon into about 1 1/2 inch strips, then added a drop of  glue to the back of the middle. I started with blue and added them to the four corners, then red, and filled in the middle with white dots.

4th of July bow 045111


If you followed the directions above you will most likely end up with a bow that looks like this.

4th of July bow 048111

Which is fine and you, of course, could leave it this way.  However I like the sides a little shorter. So I trimmed mine the same way I did before.

4th of July bow 054111

Add a clip to the back and you are done.

4th of July bow by seven-alive for The Ribbon Retreat

I like to add mine to a ribbon covered headband. It’s really simple to cover your own headband with ribbon.  Start with a coordinating grosgrain ribbon, with hot glue , glue the end of the ribbon to the end of your headband. Then wrap the ribbon around the headband with the ribbon going diagonally, adding hot glue as needed.  If you would like to be able to use different bows in your headband add a loop of ribbon to one side. This way you can change our your bow.  I have a more detailed tutorial for a ribbon covered headband here.

With fold over elastic, it’s even easier to make a headband.  Measure around the head of the person you are making the head band for. Stretching the elastic just slightly.  Then tie a knot in the bottom of the elastic.  Done!



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