Family “Homegating” Dinner

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Have you heard of Homegating? This is when you tailgate at home. This is how my family watches football every week. My kids look forward to football games mostly for the food and the family time together. 🙂 So what do you feed your homegating crew? I’m so glad you asked!

Two of my favorite dishes to serve during football season are “Tidy Joes”

Tidy Joes

And Upscale Chili Cheese Dogs.

Chili Cheese Dogs

Everyone in my family loves both of these and they are easy make.


Let’s start with the Tidy Joes.

Make your sloppy joe meat with Manwhich according to the instructions on the back of the can. Then take a can of your favorite biscuit dough, stretch out your dough, and place it on a baking sheet. Place a ¼ of a cup of Manwhich meat in the center of the biscuit dough. Then fold over the dough and press the dough together.

Tidy Joes Open


Tidy Joes Closed

Bake at 350 for 13-16 minutes.

Tidy Joes

Now for the “Upscale” Chili Cheese Dogs.

These are just as easy as the Tidy Joes, however they are messier. 😉

Start with hotdogs. Cut the dog in half, and place the hotdog face down in a hot pan. Then flip it and cook the other side.

Cook Both Sides of Dog

Cut onions in rings, after the hotdogs are cooked take the hotdog out, then add the onions to the hot pan. Turn the heat off the pan and continue to stir the onions. Open a can of Wolf Brand Chili and warm it up in a pan.

After the hotdog is cooked, pour the chili over the top, then shred cheese over the entire thing, then add the onion to the top.

Chili Cheese Dogs 1Serve hot and with a fork.

I hope you enjoy some homegating fun with your family.  ConAgra Foods used in these recipes are:

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