Easy Necktie Banner

I have the privilege of working with the young kids in my church. Every year we have a meeting for all the boys and girls that are moving out of our program and into the young adult program.  We separate the meeting into one for the boys and one for the girls, to make it a little more special.

This past weekend we had our annual meeting for the boys.  I was asked to help decorate, which of course I happily accepted!  It so was fun to create a necktie banner for the meeting! We also had doughnuts and milk as refreshments…it was a meeting I think anyone would be happy to attend.


I am always looking for an excuse to use my new Cricut Explore Air Express 2.  It’s the best way to make decorations quickly.  This is the first time I have made a banner. I can’t believe how quick and easy the necktie banner came together.  I’m already thinking of more banners, I can’t wait to start on a holiday banner.


So I found a necktie design to cut out in the Design Space.  It is on cartridge “Sumer Celebrations“, it’s the one with the check mark below.


I wanted my neck ties to be bigger than they were originally. After adding the image to my cut file I made them larger, 8 inches worded really well for the table banner I was making.


Then I un-hid all the layers in the tie, you do this by clicking on the little eye next to the layer on the left.  If there is a line through the eye then it is hidden.


After all the layers were un-hid, I delete the all the layers but the outline.  This way It will only cut the outline of the tie, not any lines or extra cuts that might be use for a card or something else.


I used the fast cut mode because I made the design so it’s not detailed.  It worked perfect! I used a light cardstock and tired to pick paper that I thought looked like a pattern than would look good on a tie.  I cut out about 100 ties and weeded them in 30 minutes.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love that it cut so quick!

After I cut them all out I used a paper punch to make holes in the top edges. Then weaved green yarn through the holes to make a banner.


I think the necktie banner would work perfectly for father’s day, a business man’s birthday, or any time the one you are celebrating wears neckties.


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