Easy Fall Table Runner

I shared this project over at A Rosie Sweet Home last month.  I thought I would share it here in case any of you missed it.  Enjoy.

I’m really excited to show you the easiest table runner ever.   You can adjust this to make it the length and with you want.

 I like to keep my table runners on the short side so my kiddos can’t reach them and pull them off the table.

You are going to need one piece of fabric the length you would like your runner to be.  I used a 1/4 of a yard of fabric.  Mine was pretty straight so I didn’t straiten it at all.  However if your piece of fabric is really crooked at one end take the time to cut it strait.  You will like the way it turns out much better.  I have a tutorial on cutting fabric strait if you need help with that.

After your fabric is straight fold it in half right sides together.

Then you are going to do a straight stitch on all the sides that are not folded.  Make sure to leave your self a 2 inch hole so you can turn your fabric right side out.

Turn your fabric right side out and do a decorative stitch all the way around to keep the top and bottom together.

Now for the really fun part, the embellishments.  I felted some leaves that I crocheted but you could buy some felt and cut out leaves to add on. Felting is a technique you can use on any animal yarn.  I used 100% wool for this project.  If you would like to crochet some leaves you can find the pattern here, and a wonderful tutorial for felting crocheted items here.

Just so you can see the difference, the blue leaf I had started to felt, the brown one I had done nothing with.  You can see the stitches in the blue are starting to disappear and felt.

Then just sew your leaves on with a sewing machine or by hand.  I used a sewing machine because it’s faster.

I left the middle of the runner plain, but now I’m thinking I would like to add something.  What do you think?

If I hadn’t taken the time to crochet and felt the leaves my runner would have only taken me about 30 minutes to make.  Best of all I used supplies I had on hand for other projects just raided my stash.  So it was free!  LOVE that.

Thanks for stopin’ by and hangin’ out.


  1. So pretty Kadie!!! Very festive:)


  2. This is cute. I kind of like that you can change up the centre of it to make it seasonal or just to please a whim. I’ve never felted before – must try it!

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