Ballerina Shaped Earring and Hairbow Holder

There comes a time in every young girls life when the hairbows, barrettes, earrings, and fun accessories take over her life…. or at the very least her bathroom. Ha! With two young girls and a mom {me} that love earrings, barrettes, and hairbows our bathroom has been taken over for some time. I think I finally found a way to organize it all, and something my daughters will be excited to use.

Ballerina Earring & Hairbow Holder

I’m pretty excited about this earring/hairbow holder too! I think it will finally be something my daughter is excited enough about that she will put her OWN earrings and hairbows away. 😛  Even the boys think it’s pretty cool and I caught the youngest one putting hairbows on it yesterday. Yay, for being more organized!

What you will need to make your own Hairbow/Earring Holder { I’m adding the colors I used in case you want a purple and white ballerina, however you can use what ever contrasting colors you would like.} ~ Most of the materials were sent to me by The Ribbon Retreat {thank you so much Ribbon Retreat!}.

First draw the shape of your ballerina. It’s a good idea to do this on a piece of paper first and then trace it onto your canvas. I free-handed mine, but you could google ballerina and find a shape you like instead.

Ballerina Shape


Next cut out your ballerina shape out of canvas. Then you are going to add your tulle.  We are going to start with the white tulle, the holes in the craft canvas are to small for the tulle so we need to make them a little bigger.  This is what the paper hole punch is for. One square from the bottom and two squares from the side, punch out the plastic to make a larger hole. Cut your  tulle about 36 inches long. I added two pieces of white tulle to each hole.

Useing the Paper Punch to make large holes

I made my holes for the tulle about 3-4 punched out squares across. When you are adding your tulle it is a little easier if you slightly bend your canvas. Be careful not to catch your tulle on the craft canvas it will snag it and make a hole. {ask me how I know that 😉 }

Pull the Tulle Through


After the white tulle is added you are going to thread 5/8 inch double-sided satin ribbon around the other sides.  We are going to use the hole punch to make our squares big enough again.  When you are going around the curves you should “punch” out the line that will make a large vertical square, when you are going straight make your large squares go horizontal.

Threading the ribbon


After you have threaded ribbon around the rest of the ballerina shape, you will add purple tulle to every other white tulle group.

In the middle three tulle groups you will add one 36 inch piece each of the white 1 1/2 inch double-sided satin ribbon and the 3/8 inch purple grosgrain ribbon.  Pull the ribbons through to the length you would like them and then make a knot in the back of the ribbon.

Three Ribbons

Then make three small bows , they are very simple. Start with 3 inches of both white and purple double satin ribbon. Glue the ends together, glue in half, fold in half {glue}, and fold in half backwards on both sides.  Then take an inch and a half of the purple ribbon, glue it to the middle and wrap around the entire bow, gluing the ends to secure it.

If that didn’t make much sense to you I hope these photos will help.

How to make a Double Ribbon Bow

Make three bows like that and hot-glue them to the top of where the ribbons come through the holes with the ribbon and tulle.

Take a long piece of the double-sided 1 1/2 inch satin ribbon  and hot-glue it to the top of the ballerina shape.  You can add a large bow in the middle make the hanger more secure.  Hot glue the shabby flowers over where you glued the ribbon to the ballerina shape.

Now all you have to do is add your earrings and hairbows and hang it on the wall.  Super fun and sweet for any little girl.


  1. This is such a fun way to store “bling” for a girl! Well done!

  2. thank you for sharing!!! this is so cute!!!
    i am going to make one for my girls 🙂 love this

  3. This is so darn cute, Kadie!

  4. Super cute Kad….and creative. xoxo

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