Harry Potter Style Wands {Easy Kid’s Craft}

So, do you want to be magical?  Well do you?
Everyone in this double wide would shout yes!! Well then you are going to need a wand.
Of course I am talking about HARRY POTTER.
We are HUGE fans of the books, I have personally read all of the books at least 3 times.  Hubby is just finishing listening to the last one.  Port has read them all.  And the younger kiddos have seen the first 3 movies. (ya know before they get scary with dementors and all)
In fact when I came home from church on Sunday it was to find hubby teaching Wyatt (the 2 year old) to do the expelliarmus “spell” with an old drum stick.
So when I saw this project from Lion Brand Yarn I knew we would be making it soon.
Today was the day, we made 4 total but Wyatt’s wasn’t done for the photo.

They are so easy to make.  It is just a dowel wrapped in yarn.  To make the bumps or the handle you just wrap the yarn over its self a few times.

An older kiddo could make one with adult supervision.  We used a hot glue gun to glue the yarn down.  If you had craft glue that might work and would maybe be more kid friendly.
The kiddos loved them.  Oak kept asking me if they had magic inside them.  I had to tell him he had to imagine the magic.  He was ok with that.  Port spent the afternoon teaching his brothers and sister different “spells”. Then they had a wizard’s duel.  Hubby even thought they were pretty cool.  It was a fun afternoon and evening.  And for a total if $0.98 for a package of dowels it was well worth it!!

Far better than an old drum stick.

Mischief Managed!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    cute and so fun. jeni

  2. Sounds like they all loved it. What a fun way to spend the day. love gram

  3. Oh I want to be magical. Can I please be magical too? Adorable craft!

  4. Locomotor Mortis (haha I just immobilized you!)I am such a Harry Fan, these are terrific! I went to Universal Studios (Harry Potter Land), and they sold cheap looking wands for $30, I like your version better! Thanks for showing off!

    Mischief Managed!

  5. AdventuresFrugalMom says:

    new follower from blog hop would love a follow back http://adventuresfrugalmom.blogspot.com

  6. Yes I totally want to be magical! Ha Great blog, am a new follower :).


  7. Very crafty and neat. My older grand babies would love to make these.

  8. Very crafty and neat. My older grand babies would love to make these.

  9. Mom2MemphisAndRuby says:

    Very cool!
    Found you through Say Hi Sunday!
    New follower! 🙂

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