DIY Wonder Woman Shirt

Our family loves super heros!  We go to just about every super hero movie.  Unless it’s something like Dead Pool, then JP and I go alone. haha!

My boys have lots of super hero shirts but there aren’t nearly as many super hero shirts for girls.  Of course I had to fix this! Both my girls love Wonder Woman, and my youngest has wanted a Wonder Woman shirt for a long time.  So it was time to make a DIY Wonder Woman Shirt!


Honestly if you have a cutting machine and some heat transfer vinyl there isn’t any shirt or fabric you can’t customize. I also made a Wonder Woman bag, I’ll share how I did that later and link to it here.

For this shirt I had to buy my image.  Most liseanced images you will have to pay to use.  I found this image from this an Etsy shop named Dream Shape.

When you buy an image from another location other than the Design Space you will have to upload the image to Design Space.  Make sure your image is a SVG, PNG, GIF, BMP, DXF or JPG then click on the upload image icon when you are in a new mat in design space.  Then it will give you the option to browse your computer for the file you want.  Up load it and the image will be ready for you to place in a mat when you are ready.

When I got ready to cut the Wonder Woman image it kind of scrambled my pieces before it cut.  The problem with this image is that you can’t weld the pieces together, because they aren’t touching.


If you are familiar with Design Space you will recognize this as the mat after you push the cut icon.  This is where you can move pieces around if you want.  This is a great way to save on vinyl.  However, I wanted to move my pieces around so they would cut as one image and I wouldn’t have to re-piece my image back together after I cut.

Guess what it works! I was so excited!


I lined up all my pieces on this mat the way I would want them to look cut, checked the mirror image box, and then go.  The Cricut cut it perfectly, in one image so I didn’t have to guess where my pieces went.

I weeded the image, then placed it where I wanted it on the shirt.


Then cover the entire thing with a towel or pillow case. Using your hot iron press over the entire image.  Make sure you heat all the edges very well.  I always like to turn my shirts inside out and iron them again.  This makes sure the image is heated well and adhered well.

Then your little Wonder Woman is ready for her shirt.


I love it when they get excited over the project I make!


Next I need to make more super hero shirts for my other kids. But I LOVE how the DIY Wonder Woman shirt came out….I think I might need one for my self.

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