Crocheted Owl Blanky ~ Pattern Revisit

If you remember a couple of weeks ago I told you about a crocheted owl blanky I made my son.  I also said that I was a little disappointed with the pattern but that the designer had revised the pattern since I had made my first blanky.

Well I’m happy to say that I have now made two more using the new revised pattern and it is wonderful.  Much clearer and I feel pretty happy with they way it turned out. One I have already sent to it’s owner, but I LOVE the colors in this one.

I made the face and wings of my owl different than the pattern called.  Mostly because I didn’t love the way the beak and wings looked.  I also didn’t want to put buttons on this one because I want it to be safe for younger children.

So what do you think. Better, the same. don’t care??  If you would like to check out the pattern you can find it here 

Thanks for stoppin’ by and hangin’ out.


  1. My little Valerie would sleep with him every single night. So darn cute!! You are very talented Kadie…I can sew a button though! 😉 ~ Julie

  2. This is so cute, but then….I’m always impressed with the things you make. You have a gift! 🙂

  3. That is really so impressive. I like both versions, but really like the colours you used here.

  4. Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm says:

    Kadie that is adorable! I love owls!

  5. So cute Kadie 🙂

  6. Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects says:

    I love him. I’m digging the owls lately!!

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