Christmas Photo Holder with Mod Podge

I’m so excited to start decorating for Christmas.  It’s about the only time of year I go overboard on the decorations.

I’m also very excited because this year I have have some great Mod Podge products from Plaid to play with.
Mod Podge is one of my very favorite crafting mediums!

I found this wooden turner from Thoughts in Vinyl.  When I saw it I knew it would be perfect for a Christmas family photo turner.  Of course you can buy the raw wooden kit from them, or you could come up with something similar with pieces from craft shop.

I painted the base, dowel, and larger wooden block with FolkArt Christmas Red.  The smaller wooden blocks I painted with FolkArt Metallic Silver and, then went over the edges with FolkArt Extreme Glitter in Silver.  The Metallic is pretty shiny on it’s own but the glitter paint gives it that extra shine that is perfect for Christmas, without the mess of getting glitter everywhere.
Then I painted the wooden balls FolkArt Holly Leaf Green.  I’m keeping it classic this year with the red, green, and silver.

To the larger middle wooden block that I painted Christmas Red, I also painted the sides in Metallic Silver and went over that in Extreme Glitter. After all the paint was dry, I added the Mod Podge rub on transfers, to look like subway art.  I just picked out the sayings I liked the most and rubbed them on with the stick provided. The transfers are great to work with, you can take your time to lay them all out on your block before transferring them.

Then, I used Antique Mod Podge and the foam roller applicator to apply my photos, to the smaller wooden blocks. I printed out my photos on my home printer on regular paper.  I added three coats of the Antique Mod Podge to my black and white photos.  The more of the Antique Mod Podge you use the darker and more antique looking your photos be.

I then applied the High Gloss Mod Podge all over the base of the photo stand,  I sprinkled Epsom Salt onto the Mod Podge to look like snow.  After it dried I used Silver Glitter Dimensional Magic Mod Podge to give it an icy, shinny look. This step got a little messy so no photos.  If you choose to do this step, make sure you don’t get to close too the edge, and have some paper towels on had to wipe up any that drips over the edge.

Make sure to let this dry really well.  I left mine for 24 hours to be safe.

Reassemble after everything is dry.

It’s fun for the kids to turn the photos and find themselves.  I also really love that, because of the Mod Pogde the images will last for a long time. Reminding me what they were like at this age.

If you are looking for more ideas to use Mod Pogde and decorating for Christmas, check out these amazing bloggers.

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Plaid and Blueprint Social. As always the opinions are my own.


  1. Such a cute idea!

  2. I like these! Neat idea!

  3. So cute!

  4. Love this idea!! You did an amazing job. The snow technique is genius. 🙂

  5. This is such a fantastic idea. Kids love to see pics of themselves and making it into a piece of Christmas decor is brilliant.

  6. Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects says:

    Kadie, I just love these. I love that you can make things personal and add photos just using Mod Podge!! Great work!!

  7. Cranberry Morning says:

    These are darling!

  8. Kadie those are so cute! You are so creative and crafty. Good job!

  9. Oh, cuteness! I just love Mod Podge…you can do anything with that stuff! What a clever idea.

  10. So cute! The snow is so crafty!

  11. You are so creative Kadie!!! Love these!!
    Barbara at Chase the Star

  12. Okay I am soooo stealing this THANKS A BUNCH!!!! yey!!!

  13. Adorable!! And what a clever way to use the transfers!!

  14. so so cute Mom

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