Shine BIG ~ Shine small: How to make a light shade out of a colander and Modern Masters paint.


This post is part of a campaign with Modern Masters and LooksiSquare. I was provided with materials for my projects, but all opinions are entirely my own.  Without these materials, this post would not have been possible.

I’m so excited to show you all my latest project.  While it may be small in size it is HUGE in effect.

Old Colander into a Light Fixture with Modern Masters Paint

I have disliked the light fixture over my sink since we moved into the Double Wide. {Lets face it there are a lot of things I dislike about the ol’ Double Wide, but that is for another post}

Yep, the old school white round light shade on the white ceiling with a white curtain. That’s A LOT of white!

Old Light


I thought it was time for a change. I love the look of antiques, and a traditional “farmhouse style” in the kitchen.  I have seen colander lights on decor sites and stores but could never justify the price they are asking.

So I thought I would make my own.  I took one of my own old colanders. {yes, I have used this very colander for years}

Old colandar ready to paint


I used Warm Silver Metallic Shimmer from Modern Masters with a sponge brush to paint the colander.  I really wanted it to have a kind of brassy old look without being distressed.

I will say it took several coats of paint to cover the colander {between 5-8 coats}.  The biggest tip I have is to let the paint dry COMPLEATLY  between coats.  Waiting has never been one of my strong suits, so I wanted to stress how important to the success of the project this step is.

Next you are going to use a drill with a large bit to drill a hole in the bottom of your colander. Or, I should say ask your husband to drill it for you like I did. I did help though… someone had to hold the colander in place while he was drilling. 😉

How to make a colander light.

I went ahead and just used the hardware that we already had.

How to make a colander light with the fixture you have.


Then just thread the bolt from the existing fixture through the hole you drilled into the colander.

How to hang a colander light.


How to hang a colander light shade


Taaaadaaaaaa you now have an AWESOME colander light!

Finished Colander Light


I love how warm and unique it looks over my kitchen sink!

I used the same Warm Sliver paint and Platinum Modern Masters paint to make these two toned metallic pots.

Two Tone Metallic Pots


I’ll have the super easy tutorial for you soon.

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So what have you been painting lately?

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  1. Get. out. of. here. That is SO flipping cool! Kadie, you rocked this. Love the pot too!

    • says:

      Thanks so much Amy! I really love it have gotten some fun comments from people that have come over. 😉

  2. So cool!! Love it!!

  3. OMG, the metallic plaster looks amazing!

  4. I think the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint (ME149) looks pretty cool to try

  5. I love it! I bet it looks really cool at night! I want to try the metal effects products!

  6. This is so cute! I love the metallic paint!

  7. I like the copper metallic.

  8. How creative! Perfect for a kitchen and that paint looks awesome!

  9. Such a cute and unique idea! Love it!

  10. Wow Kadie – I just LOVE this idea, and you made the colander look like a work of art with the way you painted it too! Thanks for a great idea! Pinning!

  11. What a unique idea! So clever!

  12. Hi Kadie,

    I just love the light…so clever!! It came out beautiful in the warm silver too!

    • says:

      Thank you Debbie! I have to say that I just love the warm silver, it’s not really gold or silver. 🙂

  13. Ha! What an incredible idea! And the color turned out perfect.

  14. Kadie – this is such a great project! My hubby was looking over my shoulder and said, “That’s pretty cool!”

  15. THIS is adorable. It’s such a fun touch for the kitchen, it’s so clever – pinning it!

    I want to paint something copper… what a fun giveaway too!

  16. linh chin-lai says:

    Front Door Paint

  17. April Lopez says:

    Love the metallics


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