5 Ways to Cool Down without Breaking the Budget


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School is set to start, for my kids, in about two weeks. We have all the new clothes, notebooks, and backpacks ready to start the new year of learning. However before I send my kiddos off to school for another year we have a couple weeks of 100-plus-degree weather to get through.

With the heat index making most days over 105 degrees we HAVE to find ways to cool down! After getting all our back to school supplies my budget for summer fun is gone. But that’s OK- there are plenty of things we can do to cool down without spending much money.

5 Ways to Cool Off

Homemade (Redneck) Waterslide

This is really easy and almost free, depending on what you already have on hand. The slide is made out of 4-millimeter painter plastic cut in half and laid out end to end, to make it longer. A children’s swimming pool is placed at the end of the slide as a “soft” landing place. Place a hose at the top of the slide to keep it cool and wet. *tip* To make your slide extra fast, squirt baby oil on the plastic before you add the water.



Water-Balloon Fights

Water balloons are pretty inexpensive, and fun. It takes a while to fill them up but it’s great to see the kiddos battle it out with the balloons.

water-balloon fights


Water Balloon Fight


Local Library

Our local library has an awesome summer reading program with crazy fun activities, like foam day. Our reading program, including all the activities, is free. Check with your local library about what they offer in the summer months.


Frozen Treats

With the heat as high as it has been frozen goodies are the best snacks. I love that we can head to Target and get all the things we need and each of the kids can pick out their favorite frozen treat.

Frozen Treats


Don’t Forget the Sunscreen!

While you are at Target, don’t forget the sunscreen! Just because summer is winding down doesn’t mean it’s time to skip the sunscreen.

Dont forget the sunscreen


Local Historical Museums

Most areas have local historical museums that are free, or ask only for a small donation. It’s a great way to learn more about where you live, and it’s a great way to have an indoor activity on the days that it is just TOO HOT to be outdoors.

Local Musem

Local Splash Pads

Check out your area for splash pads. It’s a great way for the kids to cool off, and mom can relax for a minute. Call ahead of time to find out if there is an admission fee, or anything you can’t bring. Most splash pads, I know of will let you bring food, so pack a lunch and stay all day.

Local Splash Pads

There is still plenty of time to squeeze in some fun (for not much money) in the last few days of summer.


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