DIY A Custom Planner Cover, Make Your Planner Pop!

Y’all, a new year has started and I feel like I’m still stuck in 2016.  In a minute I’m going to show you a great way to customize any planner and make your planner pop!

Remember Love Only Planner Cover

Before I get to the planner though, we need to talk about 2017……

When a new year is about to start I like to think of a word to use as a declaration of what that year is going to be to me.  Whether it is a need to “SIMPLIFY” or a time to be “BOLD” or working on my “HEART” I have always been able to come up with a word that means something to me as I move into a new year. A word that I can use to uplift me and help me be a better person.

I had a word in mind as 2017 approached and I had planned on covering anything I could think of in my word of choice.  I cant forget my word of the year if it is plastered everywhere.  Then Christmas rolled around, and then January hit and the word I chose isn’t right for me this year.  I could write another 600 words about the word I chose and why I chose it, only abandon my word before the year even started.

Instead I’m going to tell you why I chose something different.  Have you heard of Hand Free Mama?  She has an amazing blog, her posts are uplifting and make me want to be more intentional with my time.  She has a saying I remind myself of often “Only Love Today”. Meaning not only will I speak to others with only love, I will speak to myself with love.  It’s a powerful idea. 

She wrote a post called “When You Feel Failure in 2017, I want you to Remember this“.  If you have a minute please read the post, it’s amazing! These few lines spoke to me, and finally flipped the switch, I know what I will be focusing on this year.

My friends, if the start of a new year feels like pressure to change and be something you’ll never be, take a deep breath and remember:

You already possess what you need to get 2017 off to a promising start.

You already possess what you need to create a fulfilling and memorable life for yourself and the ones who share it.


So to sum up my ramblings I will not have a word of the year in 2017. I will have three.  “Remember Love Only”

I’m going to show you how I added this saying to my planner cover.  You can use this same saying or your own to customize your planner or a notebook.  If you would like to use the exact same saying as I did, with the same font and size click here.

To make your own open desine space and start a new project.  Pick a font you like and write your saying.  The word love in my saying is an image from the Home Décor cartridge.

After you have designed your saying cut with your Cricut Explore Air 2, using Matte Adhesive Foil in Gold.  Put your dial on custom then click on Cricut Matte Foil for your setting.

After it’s cut take it off your mat and weed all the unwanted pieces.

Cutting Remeber Love Only

After weeding all the unwanted pieces put transfer tape over the entire saying.

Transfer Tape Remeber Love Only

I find the easiest way to take the backing off vinyl is to flip the entire thing over and peal the backing off.  Make sure to keep your weeding tool handy in case any vinyl sticks to the backing.

Backing Off

With a clean and dry plain planner or notebook cover, you are ready to apply your vinyl.

Plain Planner Cover

 On Planner

 Make sure you press the vinyl down firmly.  You can use a credit card or scraper to make sure your vinyl is stuck to the planner.  Then remove the transfer tape always pulling at a 45 degree angle, I like to keep my weeding pick close in case the vinyl sticks to the tape.

Pull Transfer Tape off

Work out any air bubbles that might be left and your done.

Custom Planner Cover

Add your favorite planner acceories and your ready to start planner a fantastic year!

 DIY Custom Planner Cover



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