Valentines Day Washi Tape Votive


I know it has been a little Valentines Day overload around here the last couple of weeks.  I don’t know what it is this year I just can seem to stop making Valentines Day crafts!  This is the last one… I think.

This craft is so easy you can easily make it 15-20 minutes.

I adore the way it turned out!

I started with an empty salsa jar.  I peeled off the old label and scrubbed off any residue left over.

Then I took to different styles of Washi Tape I bought from Pick Your Plum, the last time they had washi tape.  Alternating styles I stuck the tape to the jar in stripes.

After I went around the entire jar I trimmed off the extra tape with an exacto knife.

Then I added a paper heart that I stamped “Love U” on, to a piece of red twine and tied it on the top.

And that’s it!  Doesn’t it look cute with my Love Blocks?!

And with a battery operated candle inside makes the design on the tape stand out even more.

So are you done making Valentines Day crafts?





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    I hear you! I love the creative energy of Valentines! I keep wondering if I need to be saying enough is enough too! But… nah! This is awesome, Kadie! As always- you rock :)

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