Conversation Heart, Yarn Wrapped Wreath


I love conversation hearts!  They were always my favorite Valentines Day candy growing up. Ok… they still are my favorite Valentines day candy.  Lately there have been so many cute crafts with conversation hearts.  Two of my favorites can be found here and here made out of polymer clay by Happy Hour Projects.

Of course I had to make something myself using conversation hearts, and a few of my other favorite crafting supplies.  And because I didn’t get around to making a Christmas Wreath this year, a wreath was what came to mind first.

I am reusing the same wreath form that I have used for all my wreaths.  I have a tutorial on how to wrap your wreath in yarn here.  It’s pretty easy, it just takes some time.  The yarn I used this time is called  Airy by Yarn Bee.  It worked really well for covering my wreath form. I did my my layer of yarn pretty thick because I wanted it to look nice and fluffy.

For my conversation hearts I used a heart shaped paper punch to cut hearts out of bright solid colored card stock.  I then took basic uppercase letter stamps to write the messages on my hearts in red ink.

I wrapped the bakers twine around my wreath then taped the hearts on. Lastly I added the washi tape pennants to the twine.

After I added the bakers twine and got everything on it.  I made some fabric flowers.  They are easy to make.

You take 11/2 inch fabric rounds, and fold them in half and then in half again making a small triangle. Securing it together with hot glue.  You make 4 of these out of each of your fabric choices.  After that you glue 4 on the extra round and then another layer of 4, I alternated mine so you could see both fabrics.

It looks like this after you have glued on all your triangles.

Then take a medium sized colored brad and push it through the layers, and flatten it on the back.

Then attach  them to the finished wreath with hot glue.

I think it’s my favorite wreath so far! Do you make a Valentines day wreath?




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    I usually don’t make Valentine wreaths because we’re usually already decorated for Mardi Gras. However, seeing your cute wreath has changed my mind. Love the fabric flowers and can’t believe how easy they are to make. I’m thinking about so many things that those flowers would look great with: pin, purse, scrapbooking, etc. Thanks for sharing!


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