Snowman in a Bottle


I totally loved these ornaments I saw last year.  {I tried to find the link at the blog I found them at originally, I couldn’t find the post any more, but here is the pin if you want to try to search it out.}

I love them so much because here in the south we don’t get to have things like snowmen.  Even if we do get snow it only lasts for a day, two at the most, and then our snowmen look like a big melted mess.

So, today when I was thinking of things to put in bottles, jars, and vases for my mantel this ornament came back to me.  I thought why not put the snowman in a bottle.  And so the Snowman in a Bottle was born.

He is so easy and fun to make.

You will need.

  • Epsom salt
  • googly eyes
  • black, red, and yellow or orange felt
  • bottle or jar
  • wooden dowel {optional}

I used scented salt and unscented.  To be honest the scented salt isn’t a true white that’s why I added the unscented in as well.

Fill your bottle/jar 3/4 of the way full.  Use a funnel or take it outside if you don’t have a funnel.

Cut out your hat, nose and scarf.  I just eye balled these they don’t need to be perfect.

Roll up your pieces and put them in the bottle.

Use a wooden dowel to move your pieces around until you are happy with how they look.

So fun and easy.  Then laugh at the kiddos while they try to figure out how you got a snowman in the bottle. {it’s the little things that make being a mom so much fun. ha,ha}

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    So cute and creative, Kadie!

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