Hulk {Chocolate Covered} Popcorn


Yesterday the Avenger movie came out on DVD.  I had taken the older kids to see it in the theater some time ago.  But JP and the other kiddos hadn’t seen the movie.  So, the excitement level in our house about the release of the movie was high, to say the least.

We decided to make a fun night of it.  We got some cheap decorations and little party favors.  We had Captain America Pizza (peperoni pizza) and Avenger Pizza (supreme, because it has a little bit of everything).  Then we made Hulk Popcorn (white chocolate covered popcorn).

The popcorn didn’t turn out as green as I wanted it to.  But the kids didn’t care and thought it tasted pretty good.  It’s really easy to make and made the night extra special.

I added multi-colored sprinkles as well.  You can find the recipe I used here.  I would double the amount of chocolate next time. I used my stove top popcorn recipe for the popcorn it’s self.   It was a lot of fun and the kiddos loved it.

So how about you, do you did you do anything fun for Avenger night?




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    We’re still waiting for Avengers to arrive in the mail (grr to Amazon’s slow movie shipping!). But, I may just have to steal this idea when it does arrive. My crew would love it! Thanks for sharing. :)

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