A quick word before we get to the fun of party day. 
Have you heard of Shabby Blogs?  They have free blog backgrounds and buttons and fun blogging stuff.  If you notice I don’t have a link to them and there is a good reason.  Shabby Blogs was hacked at the beginning of May.  Since then any blog that has any of their HTML code is open for Malware. I did have some of their code on my blog.  Luckily two very nice bloggy buddies let me know they were getting messages that my site was not safe to visit.  (thank you Kara and Adrianne) It’s easy to fix this problem just take off any and everything from Shabby Blogs.  DO NOT go to their site it is so infected you can pick something up just visiting them.  Also, it was recommended that if you do have HTML code from Shabby Blogs that you redo your passwords.  This type of malware makes it easier for others to hack your blog.
Now on to happier things.

 It’s PARTY time!

I hope all of you here in the US had a great Memorial Day weekend.  (Canadian friends I hope you had a great holiday the weekend before!)  
We had a fun yet busy holiday.
 We have been doing a lot here at the Double Wide this week. 
On Monday I showed you my entry for the I Will Wear it in Public sewing Challenge, I’m really excited how it turned out.
Tuesday I showed you our Summer Time Banner.
Wednesday was all about my favorite crocheted slippers.  So much fun!! 
Don’t forget to come back tomorrow, I have something really fun and exciting to announce!
Now, before we get to the party this week we get to check out the BELLS of the ball from last week.
Wesens-Art showed us how easy it is to make these beautiful leaves.  I can’t wait to try it out with my kids.
AMGCrafts showed us some beautiful planters her mom made.  I love them!
Etcetorize made these so cute garden markers.  It’s so smart they wont wash away, blow away, or fall over. Perfect!

One Creative Mommy showed her DIY garden trellises.  They look easy to make and like they would work great.

(Can you tell I’ve been working in my garden?)

Tousled Day made an adorable dress out of a maxi skirt.  What a great up-cycle!
Silo Hill Farm has a great alternative for stenciling on fabric.  She used fabric markers!  It turned out great.
GREAT JOB ladies!  Go ahead and grab yourself a Featured Button!  Face Book Features, make sure you get a button too. If you didn’t get featured here head over to Terry’s to see if she featured you.

Seven Alive

This is a shared link party so if you link it up here it will show up on the fabulous Terry’s blog These Peas Taste Funny.  We want to see everything you have to link up! Old projects, new posts, giveaways, Etsy shops, recipes, crocheting, any and everything.  If you have more than one thing to link up, even better.  Here are our very simple rules.

1.  Please keep it family friendly.
2.  Link back to our site or grab a button so others can share in the fun.
3.  Following us would be nice. (but don’t feel you have to)
4. Have fun, be inspired.

If you would like an e-mail reminder about the party let us know in the comments. Make sure you leave your e-mail address with your comment. We will happily add you to the list.  

Grab a button if you need one.

Seven Alive

Party On!!
Click on read more, to see the links and add your own.
 One last thing, I would like to beg you (please, please, please) to take the word verification off of your blog comments.  There were way too many this week and it wore me out so I’m afraid I’ll only be commenting on blogs that don’t have it this week (and I really, really, really want to comment on your awesome stuff).  Thanks for understanding.




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    That’s really upsetting about the blog hacking… glad people gave you the heads up. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for the lovely party.

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